Hair Porosity 101

Hair Porosity and the important of understanding how pourous your naturally curly hair is

Several elements contribute to the life of your hair and porosity is one of them. If you have ever felt like you’ve tried all you can to get your healthiest curls, but nothing seems to be working, you might just need to adjust your regimen according to your porosity level. It might feel as though there […]

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Sonrisa Recap: May 2015

[Releasing balloons for Mother’s Day in honor of mi Abuelia] May has been a pretty tough month. After having lost my grandmother, it’s been difficult for me to find the beauty in my surroundings. Most of my photos from the last month are of family. Plus whatever I have begun to take in Dallas. I’m […]

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Sh*t Girls With Fine, Curly Hair Say

If you have fine curly hair, the struggle to achieve volume iis so real!

I did my very first collab video on YouTube and this was probably the most fun I have ever had filming for you all. As I have mentioned in many of my videos as well as blog posts, I have fine hair. While most people believe I have very thick and voluminous hair, the lengths […]

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Summer Hairstyles To Keep You Cool

It has been getting way too hot lately and sometimes our big curly hair can make it feel hotter than it actually is. Here are 4 quick and easy styles to wear on your naturally curly hair that will stay up and out of your face and neck area to keep you feeling cool, calm and […]

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Choose Skin Health: Summer Skin Care Tips

The importance of using sunscreen this summer.

I have been avoiding the sun as much as I possibly can. Why? Well, it all started when I came across a Ryan Seacrest interview with Jennifer Lopez on how she stays looking flawless even in her mid-40s. Her secret is simple… She stays out of the sun! She uses bronzers and self-tanners to get […]

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How Stress Can Effect the Health of Your Curly Hair

How stress can effect the health of your naturally curly hair

As if transitioning weren’t hard enough, why not add stress into the mix? It happens. Life throws us curveballs and we find ourselves stuck, angry, depressed or grieving. Believe it or not, this makes an impact on our curls. Hair can feel stringy, lifeless, dull, thinner and you could also be losing more hair than normal. RELATED […]

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