How To Clarify Your Hair Using Baking Soda

Using baking soda to clarify your hair is probably one of the easiest ways to remove product buildup without having to buy an actual hair product! I’ve got a few ways to use baking soda as a clarifier on your hair. Check out my video below on how to clarify your hair using baking soda. […]

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Shedding vs Breakage

Is Your Hair Loss Due To Shedding Or Breakage? When it comes to hair loss, there are two key terms that should come to mind: shedding and breakage. Having a thorough understanding of these two terms can help you in your journey to good hair health. What is Breakage? Breakage can actually be caused by many things: […]

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How I Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil

28I had been hearing about the benefits from using Jamaican Black Castor Oil as far back as last year and I was a little hesitant in using it. As much as I wanted to reap these benefits, everytime I heard of JBCO I was instantly reminded of regular Castor Oil. I had used Castor Oil […]

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carrier oil vs essential oil

You might have heard me mention oils in DIY treatments or products, but there is a very significant difference between some of the oils I have mentioned. Some of them are essential oils while others are carrier oils. What’s the difference? Let’s talk about it! It’s really a lot easier to understand that people make […]

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