Thermal Hair Care Hot Head Review

We all know that I’m the queen of plastic bags on my head when it comes to deep conditioning! I’m not going to lie, I’m aware that I look silly but hey! It gets the job done. Whenever I deep condition or do a protein treatment, 9 out of 10 times, I’ll place a plastic bag on my head, top it off with a hot wet towel and then place another plastic bag on top to trap in that heat!

However, I just started using the Thermal Hair Care Hot Head Heat Cap and it’s been saving my life! It’s a much more stylish approach but it’s also SUPER EFFECTIVE when it comes to Deep Conditioning! You can get your own by visiting Plus I have a 10% off discount code to save you some coins! Just use the code “RISASRIZOS” as check out! For those of yal who don’t live in the states, no worries! They do ship internationally!

Check out my full review below and let me know if you plan on getting a Hot Head or if you already have one of your own!

XOXO Un Besito,


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