10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

I spend so much time talking about curly hair but I am not sure that I ever really truly introduced myself to you! So here are 10 quick things you didn’t know about me in hopes that you see me more as your friend than a hair guru or expert (we are totally friends!) ♥ This post has absolutely nothing to do with hair and everything to do with being random.

  1. I have lied to people about being allergic to coconut shavings because I don’t actually like it. I think it’s more of a texture thing. I don’t like to eat a lot of things just because of the texture: grits, oatmeal, apple sauce… you get the picture!
  2. I could probably perform a one-woman show of the Lion King. I know EVERY single word, including the background vocals to all of the songs. Netflix is said to be providing all Disney movies soon… it’s about to go down!
  3. I once tried special brownies by accident at a party and asked to call my mother to pick me up. Yes, I was that girl at the party to ask her mother pick her up after accidentally getting high…. and yes, my mom is my best friend.
  4. As a child, I thought it was hilarious to put things in my nose. What’s been in there since so far other than the occasional moco? a red bean, gum, a marble, a jelly bean, a penny, a lima bean. (I’m sure you can see a bean pattern going on here!) My nostril stuffing days are long gone, I can assure you!
  5. I haven’t gone more than 24 hours without having polish on my toe nails since I was 17. I think my feet look naked without a little color on my toes.
  6. I’m nosey and feel like I need to know everything about everything. So nosey that I once got hit in the head with a softball because I was listening in on a conversation about new rollerblades my teammate got for her 12th birthday and how she convinced her parents to buy them for her. I have the scar to prove it.
  7. I skipped the first grade because I was the smartest child in the class and my teacher was tired of putting up with me interrupting the other classmates after always finishing my work first.
  8. I then failed the 7th grade after refusing to do well in school because I simply did not want to go to a Catholic school while all of my friends went to public school.
  9. I cry at surprises. Doesn’t matter if someone is surprising me, or if I am the one doing the surprising. Tears… they just come down like a rainstorm. A happy rainstorm!
  10. I absolutely cringe at the sound of rubbing towels together. I know, it’s the strangest thing, but it’s as bad as some people hating the sound of fingernails to a chalkboard. Strap me to a chair and force me to listen to towels rubbing against each other and I’ll tell you all my secrets.

Hope you enjoyed this super random post! Let me know if you can relate to any of them – I promise not to judge! Or let me know anything else about you! I’d love to learn more about my subscribers!

I’m also tagging a few blogueras below to do the same! Follow through, chicas, with 10 things your readers don’t know about you!

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Xoxo Un besito!


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