Maintaining Moisture on Color Treated Curls

After having gotten color professionally done on my hair for the first time, I’ve been learning a lot in terms of how to maintain moisture and avoid breakage. If you’ve been thinking about adding a little color in your curls, watch these tips first to get a better idea of the process and be a […]

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Living Proof Curl Review

Living Proof Curl Line does great at fight frizz with their humidity defense quality.

Living Proof Curl Line is said to keep curls defined twice as long! Have you tried the new line yet? You might have seen the Living Proof ads which feature Co-owner Jennifer Aniston. This line recently launched their Curl “sub-line” that is said to have frizz and humidity defense properties that keeps your curls defined […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Laugh At DIY Hair Treatments

How DIY Hair Treatments help those with naturally curly hair plus why others shouldn't frown upon the idea

Most of you have seen them: out of the box DIY recipes that involve ingredients that you would normally throw on a salad, definitely not onto your hair! Foods like mayonnaise, avocado, honey, extra virgin olive oil… why on earth would anyone want to apply this onto their curls? I am known to whip up […]

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Gorgeous Hair: Volume For Curls

It’s back! The Ulta Beauty Gorgeous Hair Event has returned and will fulfill every Product Junkie’s dream from now until June 3rd! I’ve found a few of my old favorites, as well as new favorites on Ulta Beauty’s website. It’s truly a one-stop-shop for all things hair + beauty! Some of your favorite hair products […]

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