Risas Rizos 1st YouTube Anniversary

I had been skimming through my desk calendar from last year in order to get my new calendar (2015-2016) organized. You’re probably wondering why I am organizing a new calendar in the middle of the year. Well, I’m one of those weirdos that purchases desk calendars that start in July. Anyway, I started to fill […]

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Sizzling Single Summer List

Here’s the thing – all of a sudden I find myself single this season and I haven’t been single in a while. I don’t feel that the off-again/on-again weeks count as being single because you are still judged and punished for any actions that to your friends constitute as single but to your significant other […]

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Easy Elegant Hairstyles For Your Curly Hair

Dove Quench Absolute for naturally curly hair

Having curly hair might feel like you are limited to the same hairstyles you are already used to. Thankfully, I’ve come across two really easy looks to recreate on your own curls that will have you feeling glamorous and elegant. I’m sharing these looks with you in hopes of inspiring you to continue to embrace […]

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Hair Porosity 101

Hair Porosity and the important of understanding how pourous your naturally curly hair is

Several elements contribute to the life of your hair and porosity is one of them. If you have ever felt like you’ve tried all you can to get your healthiest curls, but nothing seems to be working, you might just need to adjust your regimen according to your porosity level. It might feel as though there […]

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Sonrisa Recap: May 2015

[Releasing balloons for Mother’s Day in honor of mi Abuelia] May has been a pretty tough month. After having lost my grandmother, it’s been difficult for me to find the beauty in my surroundings. Most of my photos from the last month are of family. Plus whatever I have begun to take in Dallas. I’m […]

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