Hispanic Heritage Month Tag!

Alright yal! It’s here! It’s finally here!!! It’s HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH and I’m so freaking excited! Every year, I count down the days to when I get to be obnoxiously loud and proud of my hispanic heritage! If you know me personally, I like to represent my Honduran and Mexican culture all year round. I […]

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My Stop Doing List

List of things that I need to stop doing in my life

I had been scrolling through my Facebook feed and happened to stumble upon a post by La Flowers, aka Ana Flores of Latina Bloggers Connect. She posted her personal “Stop Doing List” which you can find on her blog, Madre Vida… check it out right here. There are so many times where we write lists […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!

I spend so much time talking about curly hair but I am not sure that I ever really truly introduced myself to you! So here are 10 quick things you didn’t know about me in hopes that you see me more as your friend than a hair guru or expert (we are totally friends!) ♥ […]

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Escaping to the Grand Canyon

I had been scrolling through my photo album on my phone and found a few photos from my escape to the Grand Canyon and realized I never filled you all in on my adventure! Shame on me! So with today being a Friday, flash back Friday to be exact, I thought it would be the […]

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Sonrisa Recap: October 2016

[Latinos making moves in Orlando for #Latism16] October… eh. I’ve always thought of this month as my birthday pregame. I wasn’t entirely crazy about this past month but I do have some moments to remember. How has your October been?   [It’s been a productive month, getting used to my new MacBook Pro.] [Mommy and […]

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Sonrisa Recap: September 2016

[Finally reaching 50k on YouTube] September has been a month of celebrations, family, forgiveness, and letting go. What was your September like?   [That moment you remember that God is always with you.] [Goofing around with my Best Friend Joey after the Marlins Game.] [Pre-Season Saints Vs Ravens Game… the tradition continues.] [Hispanic Heritage Month, […]

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