Collagen Benefits For Hair – My Experience

A few months back, I was having dinner with one of my best friends, Rita, and she was telling me about the benefits of drinking collagen powder. She’s a hair stylist and makeup artist and mentioned that a client actually told her about what collagen has done for their skin. With all of the positive she had heard, she tried it for herself and noticed a difference in the strength of her hair. Naturally, I was curious enough to want to try it myself and see if it would improve the texture of my skin or if it would make a difference in my hair. I bought a tub of collagen powder on the spot (thanks, Amazon) and waited patiently for my powder to arrive.

The idea of collagen powder was a bit foreign to me, so I wanted to do a bit of research before chugging gallons of water mixed with the powder. I learned that collagen is actually a natural amino acid and the most abundant protein present in the body. It’s what helps renew cells and is the cause of maintaining strength in joints, muscles, skin, hair, internal organs and more. As we all know, the older we get, the slower it is for our body to produce collagen. That’s why you’ll notice your joints getting weaker, you’ll spot a few grey hairs here and there and the wrinkles…. oh the wrinkles! It’s inevitable. But studies have shown that replenishing collagen by way of foods and supplements can help slow the process of aging. I’m not talking Benjamin Button – I mean that your skin could get firmer, your hair could get thicker and your muscles can feel stronger.

Or so they say…

I certainly cannot speak for everyone. This has just been my personal experience. I purchased a 16oz tub of Collagen Peptides Powder off of Amazon. I went with the unflavored version because I was worried that if I hated the taste of the others, it would be a waste of money for me because I probably wouldn’t finish. It felt a little steep of a price at $27.95, but then again… I had nothing to compare it to. I began adding one full scoop of the powder to my hot tea every night before going to bed. Because it had no taste to it, I didn’t really feel like I was changing anything from my night time routine. I also tend to drink shakes in the morning so one time I added a scoop to my shake but the collagen thickens a bit when cold so it make my shake experience less than pleasant. I stick to my hot teas only now. About a month ago, I switched from my favorite tea (Paris Tea) to a hormonal acne tea that’s supposed to help with fighting acne caused by hormonal imbalances. I’ll have a full review on that tea and more products from that line coming soon!

I am almost two months in of introducing Collagen Powder to my teas and I have noticed a substantial difference in the texture of my skin. For one, my acne has subsided tremendously. So many people have noticed! I had a serious issue battling acne for SO MANY YEARS and this has been the longest that I’ve gone without acne. I almost can’t believe it myself. I recently uploaded a Skin Care Routine on my YouTube Channel that included absolutely everything that I have done to improve my skin (topically). Now, can I say with scientific proof that the powder is the cause of my clear skin? No. I mean, I don’t know. It could be contributing but I can’t honestly say that it’s the sole reason why I have clear skin now. I have noticed that my hair has looked a little fuller at the crown. Many of my subscribers know that I have low density curls (which means I don’t really have a LOT of hair). I have noticed that less scalp shows when I style my curls which is always a good sign for anyone with fine curly hair!

I have not noticed any change in joint health, though. I usually have some issues with my lower back, hip and knees (jeez, I sound like an old lady) and nothing but Aleve has really helped to resolve the situation. So for me personally, it hasn’t helped with my joints YET. But I’m hopeful.

You’re probably reading thinking, okay this didn’t help… and I’m sorry if it didn’t. But I did want to tell you about something that I have incorporated into my daily routine that I plan on continuing to include. I have reordered a second tub of the same powder and will probably continue to use it throughout the year. I have not found a single negative review, nor have I had any negative side effects from ingesting the powder. All positive!

If you’ve ever tried Collagen Powder before, let me know in a comment below what your experience has been like. I’m still fairly new to it but like I said, I’ve enjoyed my results so far!

Xoxo Un Besito,


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