Mignon Faget Favorite Things – Giveaway!

Toula and I are thrilled to partner with Mignon Faget this holiday season for a giveaway that I absolutely guarantee you’re going to love! Over the last few weeks, Mignon Faget has been giving away a few of their favorite pieces from their different collections – jewelry, home and more! It just so happens that the items they are giving away this week are also some of MY favorite Mignon Faget favorites, too! So it’s only right that I remind YOU ALL about this giveaway so you have a chance to win them for yourself!

Let me tell you about what you’d be winning! If you’re a lover of New Orleans and all things Crescent City, then this week’s Mignon Faget Favorite Things prize is made for you!

First up is a John Humphries Chromatic Bangle in Black and Gold. If you’re a member of the Who Dat Nation, you’ll love rocking these on any game day. Okay, maybe I’m limiting myself there. Honestly, you can rock these on any day of the week, but there’s something extra special about wearing these beauties when our boys are playing. Am I right or am I right?

The second thing you’d be winning would be a set of Bronze Pearl Stud Earrings. I love wearing studs and these from the Mignon Faget Hive Collection add a touch of elegance to any look. I think they go beautifully with the bangles! I also love that through the Hive Collection, MF is generating awareness of the bee crisis through their designs. The collection pays tribute to the harmonious nature of bees and their natural talent for architecture!

Last but most certainly not least (and probably my favorite part of this giveaway), you’d be winning a set of 4 Magnolia Glasses. If you’re big on entertaining, you’ll love serving your guests a cocktail or two in these beautiful glasses that celebrate the culture and traditions of Louisiana. I have an obsession with magnolias as it’s our state flower and these glasses are my absolute favorite now. You need them in your life!

Okay, Okay! I’ve taken long enough, now on with the rules of the giveaway! You must be following @mignonfagetltd on Instagram. Then head over to their sweeps post – the one with the pretty blue Favorite Things box (no worries, I left the post for you below). Like the sweeps post and in a comment under the post, tell them abut your MF story! If could be the story behind your first Mignon Faget piece, or the first Mignon Faget piece you purchased for someone else, or maybe even the story about that ONE Mignon Faget piece you’ve always wanted but haven’t gotten yet!

Once you’ve done all that, you’re set! Want your comment to stand out from the rest? Tag me – @RisaRizos! I’ll be sure to go like your post. The more eyes on your name, the better! The giveaway will be going on for a week and on December 17th, Mignon Faget will be announcing the winner in their stories.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some of Mignon Faget’s Favorite Things! Good luck to you! See you on the gram!

Xoxo Un Besito,


[photos by Justen Williams]

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