Life Lessons – 15 Things I Learned in 15 Years

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Yesterday was a big birthday for me. I turned 31 and for that reason, I’m still drying my tears. Just kidding, I’m not mourning my 31st, I promise. I’m merely reflecting life lessons… in a very emotional way.

To make light of the situation, I did a thing. I filmed a video where I shared with you all those life lessons. Hence my 15 things I learned in 15 years. I filmed this video to celebrate my 30th birthday last year, however, I never got around to actually editing it or even filming it in Spanish. So why not just film it all over again a year later!? As a result, I learned lots of life lessons in the last year alone. So here it is, 15 things I’ve learned in the last 15 years. Cliffnotes list below. Let me know in a comment below of some things life has taught you in the last 15 years!

15 Life Lessons I Learned In 15 Years

  1. Listen to your gut
  2. Treasure your family
  3. Explore your faith
  4. Don’t apologize for who you are
  5. Don’t dwell on the past
  6. Learn to make your favorite dish
  7. Let go of the cheaters
  8. Some friendships won’t last forever
  9. Nothing good ever comes after 2am
  10. See the world
  11. Stop wasting time
  12. Respect God’s timing
  13. Stop trying to please everybody
  14. It’s okay to be sad
  15. Don’t let fear stop you

Watch the full video where I go over each life-changing life lesson. I had a lot of fun creating this video for you all. Not going to lie, I think the video was mainly created for me. It was a way to remind myself of all of the things I’ve learned. That way, I can go back and reflect on these same life lessons when I need a pick-me-up! I love y’all too much.

Xoxo Un Besito,



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