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As I Am Long And Luxe

Hey yal hey! I haven’t done a full line review in a REALLY long time! I’m already a fan of As I Am products and I already have a review on their line, you can check it out by clicking here. For those of you who don’t know, there are other line of products under As I Am’s Belt and it’s called “As I Am Long and Luxe”. I’ve got a full review below but you can also check out my video on this line at the end of this review!


The whole line is formulated to help strengthen your hair which will result in getting more length! Their products are infused with pomegranate and passion fruit. You can find them all at Sally Beauty currently. I’ll keep you updated on whether or not they will be sold in other stores. For those of you who don’t know, pomegranate is really great for the health of your hair! It helps to strengthen the hair follicle, resulting in stronger strands. This means it helps to prevent hair loss, too! Passion fruit is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and minerals like copper and potassium which support healthy hair! There are actually 7 products in the As I Am Long and Luxe line. Let’s go ahead and break them down!


Right off the bat, I absolutely loved the scent of the shampoo. All products in this line had the scent of pomegranate and passion fruit, yummy! It’s a really pretty rosy color which adds to the play on the pomegranate. This shampoo cleansed my scalp and hair effectively, no second run necessary! It does lather and actually helps to reduce tangles and combing damage when following with a conditioner. I think it makes for a good prep before the conditioner. Just rub a small amount between your palms and massage your scalp to notice the lather. The bottle says to leave it on your hair for about 5 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. I haven’t noticed that leaving it in the hair made much of a difference so I don’t know it that’s entirely necessary. Overall, I’d say this shampoo is pretty great!


Okay, this is probably by far one of the best conditioners I’ve tried… ever. IT HAS SO MUCH SLIP, it leaves my curly completely moisturized and hydrated, and my tangles are gone in a heartbeat so there’s no combing damage! The bottle says to distribute conditioner throughout hair. Leave on 15-20 minutes. Carefully detangle and rinse thoroughly. I have also used it as a deep conditioner, leaving it in my hair for a good 30 minutes under a heat cap and it just gives my curls a boost of moisture when I need an extra kick! Again, the scent is divine! I can’t quite put my finger on it but I just haven’t been able to find a conditioner that’s this effective in hydrating my hair. The fact that it has so much slip adding to the protection of my curls when it comes to detangling blows my mind. I use this conditioner every single time I wash my hair, whether that be after the shampoo or even after a co-wash. It’s a highly recommend conditioner for anyone who has hair that craves moisture! If your curls are super dry, give this one a try!


OH MY WORD, could life get any better than this? I thought the conditioner was amazing, but THIS?! The GroWash? WOW! Hands down the best co-wash! Before I tried the GroWash Cleansing Creme Conditioner, my favorite co-wash was the As I Am Coconut Cowash but this new one from the Long and Luxe line takes the cake! The GroWash is much more liquid than the Coconut Cowash, that’s one thing I definitely noticed. Again, it adds so much more hydration to your dry and thirsty curls and it also conditions your hair as it cleans it. The tub says to wet hair thoroughly. Rub a liberal amount of GroWash between palms and distribute throughout your hair. Work product through your hair and massage scalp with finger tips as you would a conventional shampoo. Carefully detangle hair with a wide tooth comb. I also do fine detangling with just my fingers. Then rinse well. Repeat only if necessary to remove excessive product build up or for further scalp cleansing. Again, I haven’t found the need for a second go-round when it comes to cleansing with GroWash on the same wash day. Then, follow with conditioning! I give this Long and Luxe GroWash five stars! It’s really amazing!

Yal! @asiamnaturally just came out with Long & Luxe!! Gives me luxurious vibes! Leaves my curls hydrated and ridiculously defined with Bounce and movement! 👏🏽I 👏🏽LOVE 👏🏽THE 👏🏽SMELL!!! Pomegranate and Passion Fruit?!😱😱😱 here’s a quick tutorial using their GroYogurt Leave-In Conditioner and their Curl Enhancing Smoothie Curl Defining Cream! Love my results!! Hope you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel and I hope you hit that notification bell bc I’ve got the review going up this afternoon!! 🤗🤗🤗 🖥 • Amigas!!! @asiamnaturally tiene productos nuevos y me encantan! Me deja el cabello bien hidratado y con brillo, SUPER DEFINIDOS! Y huele TAN RICO! Me ENCANTA el olor!!! Granada y maracuya!! Aquí tengo mi tutorial usando el GroYogurt acondicionador sin enjuague y el Curl Enhancing Smoothie, una crema para definir mis rizos! Me ENCANTA mis resultados! Espero que están suscribidas a mi canal de YouTube y que la campana esta apretada para darte notificación cuando subo mi vídeo HOY sobre la reseña de ellos productos de esta línea!! 🤗🤗🤗 🖥

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The GoYogurt (much like the other products in this line) does a great job again at detangling hair. There’s so much slip to this product so we have this pattern of reducing tangles and combing damage! While it does add moisture to the hair, in my personal opinion it does no better or less than any of the other leave-in conditioners that As I Am has in their range. I’ve used the leave in conditioner alone as well as with other products (particularly the Curl Enhancing Smoothie that I’ll mention next) and I’ve liked my results. Please note that this leave in conditioner will not define your curls, just hydrate it! It adds moisture, preparing it for styling. The bottle says to apply liberally to clean, wet hair. Distribute well throughout entire head of hair, from root to tips. Comb through to maintain tangle free alignment. Keep hair very wet. Proceed to style with gel or smoothie. Overall, I’d say it’s a good leave-in!


I’m sure you all know by now that one of my favorite products of all time is named the “Curl Enhancing Smoothie” so I was extra excited to try this one! Right off the bat, I will say: this Long and Luxe Curl Enhancing Smoothie defines my curls better than that other one! It’s a really great product in keeping my curls defined and yes, of course… hydrated too! My curls are left with shine, a flexible hold and smelling amazing all day long! No buildup whatsoever and it does a pretty good job at fighting frizz. I also find that there’s no residue or flakes which is always a good thing! The directions on the tub say to section hair off and apply to damp or dry hair from roots to tips. Start with a small amount and increase based on the thickness of hair. Do not rinse out. Use once to twice a week for best results. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is that I can usually get a good solid 2-3 days with styling. For my hair type, anything past 3 days and my curls just don’t look the same so I’d have to wash and start over. But those first few days… AMAZING!


I’m no edge control expert. I rarely wear my hair up to where I’d need lots of hold but when I do, I used to grab whatever edge controller I could find. I never really cared for the smell of them so with this one by As I Am Long and Luxe, I truly find the scent pleasant so I will absolutely be grabbing this GroEdges next time I need a sleek bun or an updo of sorts. It gives long lasting hold to your edges without yucky flakes! It also helps to rejuvenate and strengthen the hair line to promote healthy hair growth for longer hair!




I’m still in the process of using this treatment so I can’t give a full review on it, yet so stay tuned for my results but so far so good! This scalp serum is supposed to strengthen your hair and rejuvenate the scalp. The directions on the bottle say to use the dropper to disperse 1ml of serum on affected areas and to use twice daily for best results. One thing that I do love about this scalp serum is that it’s not greasy. Normally, for stronger hair, I’d apply Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my edges or on my scalp right before bed, a very light amount. Because I only apply a light amount, I don’t wake up with greasy hair which is a good thing but if I’m heavy handed, I’ll have to wash my hair in the morning, otherwise my hair will appear oily and dirty. With Long and Luxe’s Scalp Serum, the usage twice a day doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t leave my scalp or hair greasy, sticky or itchy. I’m curious to see what my results will be when I’m done!

And that’s all folks! Check out the video review below and let me know in a comment below if you’ve tried any of these products!

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  1. I’d love to read your update on the scalp treatment as it’s been a month now! I just bought my goodies out of the line today & im excited to hopefully see a difference in my retention, breakage, and growth!