How I Diffuse My Naturally Curly Hair

Hey Y’all! If you’ve ever wanted to know how to dry your naturally curly hair without frizz and while adding a touch of volume, I’ve got the perfect solution! Try a diffuser! It’s a great way to add definition without sacrificing shine! Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to use a diffuser to dry your naturally curly hair! If you’re interested in watching my video tutorial, check out the video down below!

I would always advise using a heat protectant of some sort when using a diffuser, no matter what heat setting you choose! I absolutely love Orlando Pita Play’s Atmos-Shield Hair Protectant Treatment Spray. I spray that all throughout my hair before getting started to ensure that my curls get the maximum protection from heat.

Next up! Use a diffuser of your choice! My diffuser came with my blowdryer and does not fit others. However, you could always find universal diffuser attachments like this one or this one. My particular blowdryer comes with low and high blow settings and also cool, warm and hot heat settings. My blowdryer has a cool shot button, too, that helps to seal the cuticle and lock in the moisture and keep the shine. When I start to blow dry my hair, I start with the lowest blow setting and the coolest heat setting.

I spend about 20 seconds in each section all around my hair. After I have taken time drying around my hair, there will be parts of my ends that will begin to get hard and crystalize. That’s when I take a cotton t-shirt and I begin to gently scrunch my hair to help release the cast that was formed which make my ends hard and also to help absorb any remaining moisture from the area near the crown and roots.

After using the t-shirt, I begin the same process of drying my hair all over again. Using a diffuser in low and cool until I feel most of my curls begin to crystalize or harden again. Then I follow with the cotton t-shirt to gently release the cast and help dry more of my hair towards the top of my head.

Finally, I take the blowdryer and while still in the lowest blow setting, I bump the heat up to “Warm” but will then use the cool shot button before moving the blowdryer to another section. No worries on the heat! Since we used the heat protectant spray and sealing with the cool shot button, you’ll be avoiding heat damage AND that helps to prevent breakage. Without breakage, your hair can grow healthier!


After blowdrying, I gently massage my scalp to release any cast or hardness in my curls around the root. This will also help to add a bit of volume, which is great if you’re like me and have fine natural curls. This also helps to find any areas of your hair that may still be damp. If I feel as though my hair needs a bit more time to dry, I could either let it air dry or if I’m in a hurry, then I usually go in one last time with the diffuser. This time however, I usually keep the diffuser on the lowest blow setting with the coolest heat setting.

After my hair is 100% dry, that’s when I go in and gently scrunch my hair with my hands, adding as much fluff as possible. And that’s all! That’s how I dry my naturally curly hair using a diffuser! I’m always left with soft, touchable curls that are defined and bouncy. Because I didn’t use much heat, I am also left with shine and I am avoiding any heat damage which is the most important part!

Let me know in a comment below if you use a diffuser when drying your naturally curly hair! Is your routine similar than mine? Do you have any special tips or tricks to share with others who might be reading this? Let me know in a comment below! And if you’d like to see the step by step routine in a video, I’ve got it for you below, too!

Xoxo Un besito,




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