Why You Shouldn’t Laugh At DIY Hair Treatments

How DIY Hair Treatments help those with naturally curly hair plus why others shouldn't frown upon the idea

Most of you have seen them: out of the box DIY recipes that involve ingredients that you would normally throw on a salad, definitely not onto your hair! Foods like mayonnaise, avocado, honey, extra virgin olive oil… why on earth would anyone want to apply this onto their curls? I am known to whip up some bizarre concoctions for the best hair treatments, particularly for naturally curly hair. While lots have tried my personal DIY recipes and fallen in love, others have laughed and wouldn’t dare dip their curls in foods like yogurt! Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t knock it ’til you try it and why it’s important to understand the reasons behind these “strange” alternatives to store bought products.

Benefits Of Using DIY Hair Treatments On Your Curly Hair

1. Many of our favorite curl brands and products are not sold outside of the US and if they are, these products are extremely hard to find. The reason why we create DIY recipes is to give those living outside of America the opportunity to give their curls the same healthy benefits they would normally get with a store bought item. Keep in mind that the products sold to curly girls in other countries are filled with harsh sulfates and silicones. This isn’t fair to my subscribers, friends, and family members who live outside of the states. You wouldn’t believe how many times I get asked where to find a product I have mentioned in my video in a country that doesn’t sell it. Sure, you can always order these products online if you want to pay an arm and a leg for shipping.

2. You will save so much money! Sometimes I feel as though hair companies, particularly natural hair lines, have been upping their prices because their products are so high in demand now that many women have been wanting to embrace their naturally curly hair. Some of the top named brands that focus on the health of natural hair have products that sell for around 25 dollars. What does that say for the younger generation, the teens that want to embrace their naturally curly hair, too? Some of these products are way out of their price range and a typical allowance just won’t cover it. I mean, some of these products are out of MY price range and I’m a full grown woman. I have found that DIY protein treatments, conditioners and stylers include ingredients that I probably already have in my pantry or refrigerator so essentially it costs me little to nothing.

3. When putting together a DIY recipe, you control the ingredients. You know exactly what it is you are putting in your hair. Sodium Lauroawhatchamacallit? Hydroxiprepero… (I’m not even going to try to spell that right)…  Ammonium Benzosomething like that? I bet you can’t pronounce half of the things on your favorite product’s ingredients list. While applying foods like banana, eggs, or olive oil, your hair absorbs the rich benefits of each of these individual ingredients. It’s an all natural approach than these store bought products with mysterious ingredients that only a scientist would understand.

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In conclusion, next time you see or hear of someone putting food in their hair to achieve their healthiest curls, don’t criticize them. Don’t give them the side eye and most importantly, don’t poke fun at them. They are taking the measures they deem necessary to provide their hair with the benefits it needs to grow out softer, stronger and curlier than ever before! While I understand these treatments might not be for everybody, don’t make others feel bad if it works for them. So with that being said, have you ever applied food to your hair? If so, what has worked for you? Let me know below!


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  1. The DIY treatments work better for me then the store brought stuff. My hair loves natural products from the earth.. People like to critisize no matter what. But its my curly hair.. Not theirs

  2. I love reading your curly hair articles. They’re informative and entertaining. I use diy’s b/c it saves me money and I get bouncy healthy shiney curls.
    Keep writing..

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