My New Favorite Setting Spray

I’ve been obsessing over my skin recently, more often than before. My acne has calmed down a bit and I’ve been taking every measure possible to keep it that way or better it if possible! From a new skin care routine to more than a gallon of water a day, every little bit helps. I started binge watching Desi Perkins videos, particularly the one where she talks about her skin care routine because her skin always looks flawless. I love how honest she is in her reviews and tutorials because every now and then even she breaks out and I feel like she’s speaking to my soul when she talks about her own acne issues. I feel you, girl! 

Anyway, she mentioned this setting spray that immediately caught my attention. It’s the Elcie Cosmetics Hydra Enhancer. This alkaline facial setting mist will CHANGE YOUR LIFE – it’s changed mine! I have pretty oily skin so I was nervous to purchase this bottle (retails for $35 which is comparable to many other higher end setting sprays). It is pretty hydrating, it a very refreshing way. Not in a way in which your face will look like pizza grease after a few hours; it’s light enough to wake up your skin! The alkaline facial water balances the complexion of your skin which has definitely helped to even out my skin tone. As far as an “all-night setting spray”, I wouldn’t go that far in praising The Hydra Enhancer, but it does well for maybe a solid 5 hours! Anything after than and I would personally have to use a blot-sheet.

The Elcie Cosmetics Hydra Enhancer is also anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which makes for using this facial setting mist perfect for daily use, even WITHOUT makeup as a quick pick-me-up to calm the redness or flareups. On their website, it claims that this setting spray is suitable for all skin types. If there are any skin types worse than mine, I wouldn’t be able to personally vouch for this BUT my skin is pretty oily and acne prone and I’ve been loving it! Have you tried the Elcie Cosmetics Hydra Enhancer yet? Let me know what you think in a comment below! Or if you have been trying something else, let me know what works for you!


Xoxo Un besito,


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