The Ultimate Rocio Dress

Go ahead, take a scroll through my social media. I can guarantee that you’ll find me in either a blue dress, a striped dress, an off the shoulder dress or a maxi dress. Okay wait, that’s a bit vague. Let me correct myself – I can guarantee that you’ll find me in some kind of combination of two or more of these features… whether it be blue off the shoulder dress, a striped maxi, a blue maxi, a striped off the shoulder or the almost always seen blue striped ANYTHING. I just gravitate towards blue stripes and I can’t help it. Blue isn’t even my favorite color! I don’t understand! So you KNOW that when I spotted this maxi at Banana Republic, I absolutely had to have it in my wardrobe. If you could create the ultimate ROCIO dress… this would be it. From the blue striped maxi, to the tie at the waist, to the flutter sleeves that sit delicately off the shoulders. Oh, and it’s got a tiny slit at the leg, too! Seriously, this maxi dress is EVERYTHING! It may as well just be my everyday uniform. Is there a type of look that you seem to always gravitate towards? Your signature look? I’d love to know what it is! Share it with me in a comment below!

Maxi Dress / Sandals 
(photos by: Denisse Benitez)


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