Curl Journal: Tracking Your Progress To Healthier Hair

Record your progress to healthier naturally curly hair.

They say writing in Journals (or Diaries, whatever you want to call it) is a great way to keep track of your memories so you can look back at the good times, cringe again at the bad, and learn from your mistakes. It’s a way to hold on to your thoughts as they are vivid in your mind before they get lost in the madness of the day. Having naturally curly hair can sometimes feel discouraging when it comes to finding the right products for your hair. You try and try and try (wait for it… one more…) and TRY to come up with the right method to washing, styling, drying, de-frizzing, de-poofing, etc etc etc. Have you ever come across old pictures of yourself rocking your best curls but forgotten what it was you were using at the time? Or perhaps you actually remember what you did and what you used to achieve your best curls but can’t quite remember WHY you changed your method.

A Curl Journal can help keep track of your progress in your journey to healthy naturally curly hair. In it, you can jot down the products you have been using to remind yourself why you like it, don’t like it, and the reason behind your feelings. Remember, just because you tried a product once and hated it doesn’t mean that you have to rule it out entirely from your regimen. Perhaps a certain product didn’t work for you because you used it in order that your curls were not satisfied with, or maybe the weather had something to do with it. The biggest reason why your curls might have rejected a certain style might be beause you are still transitioning and suffering from heat damage. You never really know, but by recording your progress, you will surely find your way through constant guessing games a lot sooner than you think!

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Have an old notebook lying around? Pick it up and get to work. Start recording how you treat your curls, on a daily. I know it might sound like too much work (okay, maybe it is) but it’s a semi fool proof way to finding the right regimen for you! I say semi fool proof because there will be times where a bad hair day will sneak up on you and not care about your feelings. For those days, there’s always a messy bun… and chocolate.

journal entry to track progress to healthier naturally curly hair

Soooooo, What to Write?

You can start off by recording what products you used that day. You can also add a note stating whether you used a leave-in or oil in your style. Having a good hair day? Spill it in your journal! Explain in writing WHY you feel you’re having a good hair day. Was it the fact that your curls were frizz free or maybe super soft? Were your curls more defined, bouncier, shinier? Write it down! Not satisfied with your curls? Don’t get discouraged, write that down too because you CAN and WILL get to the bottom of it. Did your curls seem more dry to the touch, brittle even? There’s a reason for everything and your journal can help you find that reason. How do we find that reason, you ask??? Well, I will tell you, Curlfriend!

There are several reasons why your hair might not be cooperating. Could be the weather, your diet, or simply the fact that the products you are using are not right for your curls. If you noticed that there’s a little humidity in the air, or if it’s flat out raining cats and dogs, make a note of that. Remember the LOC Method video I did a few months back? (No?… I’ll give you a second to click on this link to watch). In the video I stated that you can winter-proof your curls by simply changing the ORDER in which you are using your products. Yeah friend, the order matters sometimes, too.

What you eat is just as important as your washing and styling regimen when it comes to achieving your healthiest curls. A mane approved diet will have you well on your way to stronger hair! Jot down the foods you have been eating. Are you taking in enough protein, drinking enough water? Or have you been scarfing down on the unhealthiest of snacks because your boo thang left you? Whatever the case, write it down. (And if your boo thang left you, write their name down and stab it a few times with your pen. I promise you’ll feel better). It might also help to remind yourself daily to take a hair supplement. I know that was hard for me to keep track of but a simple daily checklist will make sure I’m not forgetting to put my health first!

I know we hate it, but that time of the month is important too. Hormones can play a part in certain aspects of your curls, like shedding. If you notice you’re losing more hair around a certain time each month, that could be a reason. So yes, write that down too.

For those of you interested in achieving length along with strength, keep track by recording the stats of your length check. It feels so good to look back at your progress and see how long your curls have gotten!

Be creative with the curl journal, after all, it’s yours and only you know what personal hair goals you might have. So jot those goals down, keep track of your progress and the rewards will be incredible… healthy, strong, beautiful natural curls!

Want more tips on keeping a Curl Journal? Watch my video below!








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  1. As a fellow curly haired girl, this is a great idea! And it will definitely get me out of the “messy bun funk” I’ve been in lately….though the Miami heat and humidity might have a lot to do with that!

  2. Hi!! This is so timely because my hair is suddenly poofy, dry and frizzy and I have no idea why and I was trying to remember what did I do the last time I encountered this? I’m also wondering is it the dryness here in Phoenix AZ, or me being lazy with my hair, which I have been! So I’m gonna get a cute notebook and work it out. Thank you!! 🙂

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