Top Ten Shea Moisture Products

Find out what my top ten favorite Shea Moisture products are of all time!

So there is no denying that I am an avid fan of Shea Moisture products. From very early on, they have helped with the health of my hair during transition. I mention their products almost religiously across all social media platforms. I haven’t quite done an official review on any of their products though because there are so many sub-lines to choose from! Not to mention, it seems as though there’s a new Shea Moisture product popping up every month! It’s so exciting, I can’t keep up!

During Essence Festival, Shea Moisture was here in New Orleans for their pop up shop where customers were able to find EVERY SINGLE SHEA MOISTURE PRODUCT IN EXISTENCE! It was like Shea Moisture heaven! While most stores carry Shea Moisture now, it isn’t always easy to find certain products or sub-lines in every single store. The pop up shop just made it convenient for Shea Moisture lovers to get everything they need at a one stop shop! I wish it was permanent!

Anywho, Because I have so many favorite products from this company and because there are so many products to choose from (not only hair related!) I thought that it would be a great idea to cover what my top TEN favorite Shea Moisture products of all time were! I recently wrote an article on covering my favorites. You can even find my video in the article! Did you also know that you could also purchase the products that I mention on CurlMart? The link to each individual product can be found in my article so check that out, too! Don’t understand English very well? No worries! I filmed a Spanish version of the video! So now, what’s on your Shea Moisture wishlist? Let me know in a comment below!


Xoxo Un Besito,


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