Treat Your Clothes Like You Treat Your Curls

This post is part of a sponsored campaign in collaboration with Tide®, however all opinions are mine alone.

My goodness it’s good to be home! I spent about a week at a friend’s house in Houston while getting ready for our event. Surprisingly, I had under packed which meant that I didn’t bring enough (ahem) “chonies” to wear on my trip. So with insufficient undergarments and without my extra pair of jeans, I had to take matters into my own hands and get laundry done on my work-cation. Did I just make that word up? I mean, any trip outside of my home town could potentially be a vacation but we were working NON-STOP! Okay, focus Rocio… back to my story.

So at home, my family and I are faithful Tide® users already. My brother and I are more or less loyal Tide® users because it’s all we’ve known growing up. I guess I never really paid attention to just how great of a job it did at washing our clothes. In Houston though, I was searching nosily through my friend’s cabinets to find that big orange jug I was so used to seeing but instead found a pouch with those pod things I used to hear about. Because these pods were Tide® PODS™, I knew I could trust the wash so I popped one in the washing machine and my clothes were good to go!

Fast forward to present day, finally having some time at home… but also finally getting around to unpacking every single box that I had left over in my closet from the day we moved into this house almost 1 year ago. I HAVE EIGHT LOADS OF LAUNDRY WAITING FOR ME THAT I AM BEGINNING TO PANIC A LITTLE.  I mean, all caps panic – sheesh! I was able to find Tide® PODS™ + Downy® in a big bright orange tub and thought to myself right away, “I got this!”* See unforgiving footnote at the end of this post, just be gentle with your judging, yal!

With my new puppy, laundry has been a little difficult. I mean, put it this way… she will do everything in her power to prevent me from doing laundry. I’m just glad we’re not in the old house. We used to have our detergents, softeners and bleach in a basket on the ground. COULD YOU IMAGINE IF I LET BABY HOUSTON PLAY DURING LAUNDRY TIME IN MY OLD HOUSE? (There go my panic caps again.) Like other household cleaning products, laundry packets need to be handled with great care to prevent unintended exposure. But not only that, our laundry room is used as an entrance from our backyard and we usually have our little cousins over for a swim at times. We keep the kiddos (and puppies) safe around laundry packets by following this simple rule: Keep Them Up, Keep Them Closed and Keep Them Safe.

Just like I take extra care of my curls, I make sure that I try and pay just as much effort with my clothes! It’s nice to learn that the new Tide® PODS™ + Downy® is their first detergent pac to offer cleaning AND protection from fading and stretching directly in the wash cycle, helping transform the washing machine into a safe place that cleans, conditions and protects the clothing I love. I’m down to my last Rizos Love Your Curls T-Shirts since I’ve gifted and sold all of my smalls so it’s comforting to know that my favorite T-shirt is safe using Tide® PODS™ + Downy®!

**A little lagniappe in this unforgiving footnote**
No lie, I’m not the brightest curl on the block when it comes to laundry. I’ve ruined a favorite blouse or two… or five. Yes, at almost 30 I’m still learning! I really hope I’m not the only person in the world who has had a hiccup or two… or five when it comes to washing clothes. In case by some saving grace there is someone out there in this world who understands my struggle, I’ve made a cheat sheet to help you get through your loads of laundry without any problems! Print it out and display in your laundry room so you have a perfect wash every time!

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