Rizos On The Road Los Angeles Recap

THIS IS ALL GOING SO FAST!!! Our fourth stop of Rizos On The Road presented by Kia Latino has come to an end and I’m dying a little inside. Los Angeles was extremely beautiful and meeting the Curlfriends of the west coast made me so happy!

Okay, so we know that the rain has followed us through our event in New Orleans and even in Houston. Los Angeles was a whole other story. Blue skies and lots of sunny selfies! Rizos On The Road Los Angeles took place at START Los Angeles on 2272 Venice Blvd. with walls TOTALLY INSTAGRAMMABLE! At this stop, we were lucky enough to have two Kia rides on display: the eco-friends 2017 Kia Niro which just came out this year and completely LA worthy, plus the 2017 Kia Cadenza which made it’s second appearance on this tour since our first stop in Miami!



As we do in every city, this stop was blessed with a curl expert’s presence! Ona Diaz-Santin was in the house to give a lucky winner a live haircut! This time around, though… she gave two awesome cuts – one on a chiquitita!! Yes! We had a young curlfriend at Rizos On The Road Los Angeles that got her first haircut EVER! We’re so honored that she got her first cut on this tour! Talk about unforgettable moments! During the live hair cut presentations, our guests learned cutting and styling techniques, plus what to ask for then getting your own curls cut!


As our media sponsor, NaturallyCurly.com has been traveling with us to talk about what really matters… our curls and our cultura! Devri Velasquez, content editor for NaturallyCurly.com was in LA to cover the tough questions on what it really means to be Afro-Latina in the natural hair community!

I could seriously post photos all day! Huge shoutout to Kris of THTKIDKRS for capturing everyone’s smiles at #RizosOnTheRoad Los Angeles! Want to see the rest of the photos from the big day? Click here!




Ada and I have been driving around Los Angeles and I started to fall in love with LA the more I spent time there! Racing the 2017 Kia Cadenza and 2017 Kia Niro was fun to see who would get to each destination first! From Dodgers Stadium to Mariachi Plaza to the Arts District… everywhere we turned was another beautiful sight to see! I can’t tell which is my favorite now… the Niro or the Cadenza! I guess since we were in LA and everything out there seemed greener – the Niro takes the cake! I sort of feel like a superhero… saving the planet one mile at a time!

So what’s next on our tour? CHICAGO! Mark your calendars for Sunday, July 23rd from 1-4pm (Chicago) and Thursday, August 3rd from 7-10pm (New York City) to continue this celebration of Curls, Kia, and Culture! Want to attend one of the last cities on the tour? Click here to buy your ticket or visit RizosOntheRoad.eventbrite.com


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