How To Treat An Itchy and Irritated Scalp

Let’s keep it real, Curlfriends. Sometimes we get an itch or two on the scalp and other times (hopefully the very rare times) the itch is unbearable. Having an itchy or irritated scalp could mean a few reasons: psoriasis, seborrheic eczema, or flat out dandruff. There are over the counter and drug store shelf treatments that could easily help rid the pain and annoyance of an itchy scalp. Sometimes those treatments and shampoos could get pricey, not to mention loads of harmful chemicals can be found inside those bottles causing more harm than good on sensitive scalps. So guess what? I’m going to give you 3 remedies that you can make right at home that will help to relieve your itchy and irritated scalp.

  1. Coconut Oil – It’s an anti fungal that can help keep your hair moisturized for long periods of time. A dry scalp means an itchy scalp and the best way to avoid that issue is with a common moisturizer that’s all natural! Best way to use Coconut Oil to cure an irritated scalp? Take about 3 tablespoons of unrefined coconut oil and warm it up. With the coconut oil warm (just make sure it’s not that hot), massage it gently onto your roots. Cover your hair and let the “pre-poo” sit for about 2 hours or more. After the treatment, use a sulfate-free shampoo to rinse the coconut oil out of your hair! Follow with a deep conditioner that you apply mid length to ends and you should be good to go!
  2. Tea Tree Oil – As with Coconut Oil, this magic oil has the infamous anti fungal property along with being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It’s one of my favorite essential oils and there are several ways you can use it! One suggestions would be to apply about two drops of tea tree oil to a dollop of your favorite shampoo and massage it into your hair when washing. Another suggestion would be to wash your hair as your normally would, then once your curls are about half way dry, add 3 drops of tea tree oil to a bit of jojoba oil and massage the mixture gently onto your scalp.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – Another anti-inflammatory that fights the yeast that’s causing the itchy and irritate scalp. The biggest reason why I love ACV? It helps to balance those pH levels in your scalp, causing the itch to dissipate and disappear! Apple Cider Vinegar helps to remove product buildup, dead skin cells, and dirt to open your pores and let your scalp breath! While Apple Cider Vinegar smells like feet (oh, come on, you know I’m not exaggerating), mix one cup of warm water with one cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. It’s easiest for me to add the mixture to a spray bottle, the application is less messy that way! Spray the ACV mixture directly on the roots and gently massage your scalp. Let it sit for about 20 minutes and then wash your hair like you normally would.

Just a reminder that none of these remedies will work overnight. It’s a process that’s going to take a few times until you notice results so wait it out! Take one method that you think you like best and test it out throughout 2-3 washes. Do you have any remedies for irritated and itchy scalps? Let me know what they are in a comment below!

Xoxo Un Besito,


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  1. Great tips! I use tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar on my scalp and they work wonders for my itchy scalp. I sometimes use coconut oil in my hot oil treatments, but never purposefully to help with itchiness.

    One other thing that I started doing is using a sulfate shampoo every other week. I think the constant co-washing and sulfate-free shampoos weren’t properly cleaning my scalp.

    I completely agree with you that these remedies don’t work overnight. It took me several washes before I started feeling a noticeable difference.

    1. I’ve actually started doing the same! Well, rather than every other week it’s more like once a month. While the co-washing helps keep my curls moisturized I’ve started to notice that after a good squeaky clean wash with sulfates, all I have to do is follow with a really moisturizing conditioner and it’s nearly the same effect! Thanks so much for reading! <3

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