CurlyCoilyTresses Product Review

Curly Girls, Rejoice! I found a new line that you’re going to love! For the last month I’ve been testing out a couple of products from the CurlyCoilyTresses line. I enjoyed these products so much that I needed to come here and splurge some words about them!

First off, how many of you have found a line that pays a lot of attention to your “scent-sitivity” issues? Not all of us care for super strong scents in most products, and others can’t tolerate specific or any scents at all. For that, we have CurlyCoilyTresses. Seriously, fragrance free… Unscented! Since it has no masking agents and is pH balanced, it is ideal for those with sensitive skin and sensitive scents.

Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Treatment

If you are looking for an all in one product for your wash routine, this is the treatment for you! The Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Treatment has lots of natural oils and butters but is in no way heavy or greasy for my hair type (fine 3b-3c). In fact, I was able to use this treatment in all ways that was suggested as printed on the label. I was able to use it as a pre-shampoo treatment, a co-washer, a conditioner and a deep conditioner. This is not an exaggeration! This treatment is on the thicker side but melts into your hair strands when applied. Look at how smooth is goes onto my curls!

In the first photo, I was able to use it as a pre-poo treatment. Detangling was a breeze and I was able to glide my fingers through tough knots with little to no problem. After detangling, I left it in my hair for about 30 minutes before washing.

I enjoy co-washing with this Moisturizing Treatment, too! The premium ingredients are so beneficial to a healthy scalp and I have no product buildup or left over product residue because I get a thorough wash while using the Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush.


It is ultra-moisturizing and has so much slip that I was able to get away with using just a small amount of the creamy treatment at a time. I have used one 8oz tub for approximately 3 washes (including pre-poos and deep conditioning) and I still have about a wash and a half in treatment left! I love that my hair doesn’t dry so quickly like it normally does right out of the shower. Still looks hydrated!

CurlyCoilyTresses states that their products support cuticle integrity and scalp health and I believe that to be true because in using this treatment a variety of ways for a single wash, it does not weight my hair down, nor do I experience product buildup. If your hair is mostly dry and needs a hydrating pick-me-up, I would highly recommend trying this Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Treatment! This product retails for $18 which is actually not bad in comparison to a lot of deep treatments that you will find. Remember, you can use this treatment in a multitude of ways on your wash day. More uses means more bang for your buck!

Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In

Again, if your hair is looking and feeling a little dry and you need a hydrating boost, try the Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave In! It is very much light and a bit runny which makes raking it in your curls easy; bonus for detangling! This Moisturizing Leave In is also rich in natural oils and butters and while this might contribute to the healthy shine it gives to your curls, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy at all! I don’t believe this Leave In is meant to define your curls but it does a great job at hydrating them which makes it a great product to include in your favorite curl cocktail! Due to the fact that this product is so light, my curls get great airy, soft and fluffy volume. Not interested in mixing this product with others? No worries, you can still use this Moisturizing Leave In as a solo styler! On my curls, using this leave in as a solo styler helps me retain a bit of length.


I am convinced that it will do well with other types of curls, too. It states on the label that it is formulated for fine to coarse natural and chemically-enhanced textures. It can also be used on braided and locked hair, not to mention this leave in is great for low to high porosity hair. An 8oz bottle goes for about $16 which is the average price now a days for a reliable leave in conditioner; by reliable I mean gets the job done and does what it says it will do!

Buying both products in a duo pack will save you a few bucks! If you buy the combo online together, it’s $30. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed these products and would definitely recommend them to any curlfriend looking for simple wash routines and extra moisture. You can find more information on CurlyCoilyTresses and purchase your products by visiting their website at  Want to learn more about these products? Check out my video below!


XoXo Un Besito,



Treatment full ingredient list: purified water, cetearyl alcohol, coconut oil*, hydrolyzed oat protein, babassu oil*, behentrimonium methosulfate, sodium lactate, gluconolactone, sweet almond oil*, avocado oil*, macadamia oil*, olive oil*, sodium benzoate, and non-GMO tocopherol. (*organic ingredient)
Leave in full ingredient list: purified water, cetearyl alcohol, coconut oil*, hydrolyzed oat protein, sodium lactate, gluconolactone, avocado oil*, babassu oil*, behentrimonium methosulfate, cupuacu butter*, macadamia oil*, olive oil*, sweet almond oil*, sodium benzoate, and non-GMO tocopherol. (*organic ingredient)

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