Effects of Alcohol on Your Hair

the effects of drinking alcohol and what it does to your naturally curly hair

You might have heard about the effects that drinking alcohol has on your skin -speed up aging, wrinkles, dries the skin, etc. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a glass of wine here and there but excessive consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to the health of your hair, too.

Drinking too much alcohol can actually dry out your hair. Dry hair is very weak and prone to breaking and causing split ends. The dryness can also make your curls feel brittle and hay-like. Another reason why drinking too much alcohol can affect your hair is the fact that alcohol can bring upon zinc and iron deficiencies in your body. Zinc needs to be consumed on a daily basis since it isn’t actually stored within the body. Alcohol prevents zinc and iron from proper absorption which results in the deficiency of this nutrient, ultimately leading to hair loss. In addition, binge drinking can also induce lower levels of Vitamins B and C. No, adding extra OJ in your screwdriver won’t balance it out!

Hair is one quarter water. Alcohol is a diuretic. Diuretic means that it causes you to urinate more frequently since your body is trying to get rid of the toxins the alcohol has brought into your body. The excessive urine leads to dehydration which causes hair to become brittle and dry. We all should know by now that dry and brittle hair leads to breakage but the dehydration also contributes to hair loss through shedding.

In case you didn’t know, alcohol abuse also prevents other nutrients from proper distribution throughout the body. Most of these nutrients are associated with growth, cell production, and hormone regulation meaning that new hair production can slow down and even stop altogether.

The effects of excessive alcohol consumption doesn’t bring upon permanent consequences to your hair. You can lessen the intake of alcohol… everything in moderation! Just be sure that you are also taking the proper means necessary to ensure that your body is still taking in the nutrients it needs to healthy hair growth. Always consult with your doctor for serious or excessive hair loss, as this could be a result of other factors that may or may not be related to alcoholism.

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