Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask – Review

I have posted my martian-like photo on Instagram a few times already and raved about this facial mask. I’ve gotten some questions in the past and thought I would just give a review on it and offer my personal opinion on this product.

In the early Summer of last year, a few friends of mine wanted to have a pampering afternoon. After spending a few minutes at the drug store reading labels on different facial masks, I decided to go with one that stood out the most. I chose Sudden Change Green Tea Facial Mask because of it’s antioxidant properties. As the box states, this facial mask “provides Green Tea antioxidant absorption.. instantly rejuvenates appearance of dull, tired-looking skin… and accelerates visibility of smoother, firmer skin”. Um, yes to all of the above, please!   I immediately purchased it and have been hooked since. I do this facial mask once a month!


The facial mask is stored in a tube and is actually the consistency of toothpaste without feeling sticky. It’s also green which makes applying the facial mask so much more fun. I mean, seriously, what’s a Green Tea Facial Mask without a little emerald action going on? Channel your inner E.T.!  The directions state to apply the mask with your fingertips over the entire face and jaw line while avoiding the eye area. It also says that you will feel a cooling sensation, along with tightening as the mask dries. I love when products tell the truth because the second I put the green paste to my face, I immediately felt it cool to the touch.



I only apply one thin layer all over the face. If I feel a blemish coming on, I will dab a little bit more of the mask on that area to help the blemish dry out faster. The first time I used this product, I didn’t feel I noticed enough green on my face, so I kept piling on the mask but later realized that it slowed the drying time by too much. Now, since I am only applying a thin layer, the drying time is cut down to about 15 minutes. The box says to “wait 5 minutes or until the mask looks and feels dry.” After 5 minutes, I noticed that my cheeks were still a deeper green while the rest of my fact had been nearly drying to a mint shade of green.

Again, the box states that your skin will tighten when applying, they were NOT kidding! I felt my face pulsating or throbbing in an exhilarating way. I love love LOVE products that I can FEEL working and this is by far the best when it comes to face masks. My skin got so tight that it felt like the area circulating around my lips also shrunk tight, leaving it to feel as though the blood shot to my lips plumping them.


Since it ALWAYS takes longer than 5 minutes for my face to even come close to being dry, I just go ahead and wait for it to dry completely. It’s usually my forehead first, then my nose, followed by my chin, and finally my cheeks. In the photo above, my face was about 99% dry. I say 99 because the excess mask that I applied on my blemishes near my chin were still a different shade than the skin that was dry. In the photo above, you can see how tight my skin got. So tight that you can notice where my jaw line really is compared to the jaw line edge of the mask itself. Be warned, once the mask has reached full stiff potential, you will remain motionless, expressionless, and voiceless until you wash the mask off.


The first time I used this mask, I seriously thought it would take forever to get off of my face because of how bonded it felt to my skin. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all it took was a little cool water to have this mask slide right off! Another surprise? As the mask was drying and tightening, I felt as though maybe it was drying out my skin and that I would need to lather on a heavy duty moisturizer when I was done. Nope! Immediately after rinsing the mask off my skin felt tingled, cooled, and refreshed. It did not have a slick shine as if my face were over moisturized or oily, but I have also never had my face feeling dull or drying. Just a healthy glow. Even my pores got smaller! Not to mention my face felt SUPER soft! My favorite part about this Mask is that the softness lingered for the next few days without the need of an exfoliator.

This Green Tea Facial Mask is by far the best facial mask I have tried yet on my skin and I hope to continue to include it in my monthly skin regimen! Keep your eyes open next time you’re in the skin aisle at your local drug store to see if it is carried there! I highly recommend it! What’s your favorite pampering facial mask?



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