Curls and Kia Explore Texas!

I was invited to experience the new 2017 Kia Niro during the #ExperienceNiro media event in San Antonio, Texas. I am sharing my thoughts and opinions about the vehicle below.

The stars at night… are big and bright…!!!! I was lucky enough to spend some time in big beautiful Texas with some new and familiar faces this past weekend to test drive the new 2017 Kia Niro. We stayed at the EVER-SO-BEAUTIFUL Hotel Emma. This hotel building was originally Pearl’s Brewhouse and has been a San Antonio landmark since 1894! The hotel has so much history, including the story of the 3 Emmas which (if you are curious) is filled with lots of scandal and serious chisme! We kicked off day one with a reception dinner at Southerleigh on the ground floor of the Pearl Brewhouse aka Hotel Emma. Live music, hand crafted drafts, and reunited hugs with some of my favorite people. What more can a curly gal ask for?

Drive day was pretty exciting. Got a chance to meet the Kia Motors team, learn about the new hybrid crossover and its features. I even got to listen in on a Q&A with Niro designer Mike Torpey! You might have see the Super Bowl ad on the new Kia Niro with Melissa McCarthy but guess what… (insert first grade giggle) we saw it first!

It was great hearing first hand from the Kia crew about the new approach to what a hybrid crossover can be. It gets an EPA-est. 50 mpg combined and a near-600-mile range. It’s one of the more affordable hybrids in the segment, starting at less than $23,000 for the FE model –  competitively less than that OTHER eco-friendly vehicle.

Best part of the morning… (drumroll please)… THE TEST DRIVE! Not going to lie, switching to Sport mode gave more of a thrill swerving through the curves of San Antonio’s semi-scenic route; Nice smooth ride. The quiet interior gave me a scare a couple of times. Wondering if the car was actually on the first few times I took it for a drive made me laugh, trying to get the Niro in drive only to notice it’s been in drive the whole time. ¡Bien calladito!

Convenient features? Apple CarPlay and Android Auto comes standard in all models. Also, in some models (like the one we drove), there is wireless charging for smartphones with the capability. There’s also a seat heat setting that made driving in the obnoxiously cold temp that weekend much more comfortable! The Harmon/Kardon sound system, always promising, was 100% old school bachata approved.


Then it was time for the ultimate Kia game night, NIRO FEST! I would just like to take this time to apologize for all of the mean and awful things I spewed to my competitors that evening. It was said in a competitive spirit and I didn’t mean EVERYTHING I said… especially to that one journalist who was CLEARLY CHEATING AT LIFE SIZED OPERATION! Regardless… my sincerest apologies.

Ada of, Monique of and I were part of the all-female, half-team, fully-spirited NIROCITAS! Spoiler alert, we got last place. We can’t win them all, folks… we can’t win them all.

Ada and I stayed a few extra days to explore more of San Antonio. Met up with Devri, a fellow Curlfriend! Neither of us had ever been to Austin either, so that was a must! I was able to collect postcards along the way, and even managed to snag a photo in front of a life-sized postcard in good old Austin.

I had such a GREAT time in Texas! So great that I have a pretty good feeling I’ll be back, very soon. Oh, Texas… you just wait! <3

XOXO Un Besito,



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