DevaCurl Holiday Kit Giveaway!

I was surprised this weekend to see a big box sitting at my doorstep. As soon as I opened the package, I knew right away this Christmas was going to be extra special because I had the right tools to rock my best curls for all of the holiday parties we have coming up! DevaCurl has been surprising Curlfriends around the world with one of their limited edition #HolidayKits and I am so thankful to have gotten one!

DevaCurl givewaway

DevaCurl sent me the Bright Lights, Big Curls Kit that comes with the DevaDryer and DevaFuser for a little boost of volume! There are also 2 other kits that are sure to please any Curlfriend! All three are limited edition kits and guess what?! One of you lucky readers will win one! All you have to do is :

    1. Follow DevaCurl and RisasRizos on either Instagram or Facebook
    2. You will see this image below on an Instagram or Facebook post. Tag a Curlfriend in it!DevaCurl givewawayRisasRizos
    3. Come back here and leave a comment below, letting me know how you will be rocking your curls this season!
    4. Then when all of that is done, fill out the Contest Entry Form to make it official!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


That’s it! It might sound like a lot but trust me, it’s easy and SO worth it! Contest ends December 6th at Midnight and is open to US Residents only! May the best curl win!!

Xoxo Un Besito,


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  1. Because I live in humid south Florida, I will be rocking my curls much like I do all year, with a lot of defrizzing products! These devacurl products are perfect for helping me maintain and control my frizz!

  2. The way I’m going to rock the DEVACURL HOLIDAY KIT is by using it every single day, of course! Being Latina and having frizzy hair AND curly hair on top of that is very tough in the mornings. Being able to use the DevaCurl would make my mornings AND MY LIFE much much easier! Hope to win.

  3. So excited to enter this giveaway!

    It’s been 4 months– 4 months, no heat, no rolos and no tenasa! I’m proud! I have to say that it’s been harder to style my hair in the colder days because I usually restyle with lots it water (my hair is super dry!)

    Soooo, this winter I plan to do a lot of protective styles on my hair and I’m going to refresh my curls by using a styler instead re-wetting my hair every day.

    Thank you for all of the tips on your page Risarizos!:))) they have for sure helped my hair!


  4. Hi Rocio, as I’ve told you before, I’m in the transitioning process (on a budget) do I’m going to be doing a lot of buns and protective styles this winter (December) this would be the best Christmas gift!! Thank You

  5. To tell you the truth, apenas estoy aprendiendo a cuidar mi pelo. Gracias a ti I’ve learned a lot ☺! Now that I know a Lil more about caring for my curls, ya and con el pelo suelto all the time ☺ So….. De pelo suelto voy a andar esta temporada. Gracias por todo!!!? Please pick me pick me ?

  6. Hi. So this December I’ve started using deva curl decadence. Love it but I was curious – do you leave as a leave in or do you wash it out? Also do you use one or both shampoo and condition?

  7. Hi, I’m not sure if its here where I’m suppose to leave my comment for the DevaCurl giveaway but I will…This season I will be rocking out twist and braid outs the most… Thank you for the giveaway!!

  8. I’ll be rocking my curls this year in a classy updo, with some pretty pearl pins and headbands for Christmas and New Years 🙂

    Thanks for all the hair tips and the chance to enter to win, RisasRizos! ❤️

  9. I am so excited about the holidays. It’s my favorite month because you get to spend time with the family. But I am more excited because it will be my first year I rock my curls in the holidays. The DevaCurl Super Cream is amazing with the Decadence line my curls are so define and stay hydrated just right. Living in Miami is hard to find the right products and this line is perfect. I am so busy everyday been a full time worker, half time student, mom and wife I know the DevaDryer and DevaFuser will be just exactly what I need. So in this Holiday season I have hope ;D

  10. I just got my first ever Deva cut and I’m really excited just to wear my every day style over the holidays and gain confidence in what products I use. I love watching it become curlier the healthier it gets!

  11. I normally rock my curls by setting them free, my husband loves it. I don’t know a lot of hairdos fur curls because Im still discovering my curly hair. Two years ago I decided to stop relaxing my hair.
    I’ve tried many products and read different blogs about curls. I love your blog it seems that you understand my hair (I know it sound crazy)

  12. I would love to win these products. I hav very curly hair but I have straightened it so much that it doesn’t curl like it used too. Starting Jan 1st 2016 I will be going bk to all natural and going to try to nurse my curls back yo healthy curls. This would most likely help me out a lot. I hope I win 🙂 thanks for the opportunity ❤

  13. I’ll be rocking my curls in all their curly glory! I live by the Gulf of Mexico so humidity is always an issue. During Winter though, my curls are always springy and a whole lot less frizzy! I’ve been working hard on keeping them healthy by not straightening them and washing at least every other day and I’m excited they’re finally happy and cooperating! Happy curl, happy girl!

  14. That devafuser looks like the best thing that can happen to my hair. With that and the shampoo and conditioner my hair can have the smooth transition from heat damage and chemical damage to beautiful luscious bouncy curls.

  15. I’m going to be trying to wear my hair in wash n goes, but plop it overnight. I’m also going to be putting my hair in twists some weeks to protect my hair in this cold weather >○<

  16. Thanks you Isabel for this huge opportunity by letting one of us win this fabulous DEVA CURL HOLIDAY KIT is just amazing
    I’ll rock this season by wearing protectives styles as wearable two stand twist and pretty up do
    I’ll do my best to keep them healthy and that thanks for all the video’s and tips i’ve learned with you
    Keep spread in the curly love hair

  17. I will be rockin’ my curls like I always do….. NATURAL & PROUD!!!!!! These Latina curls are always flowing freely and only with the best treatment!
    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck to all!!! <3

  18. Yay! Love this giveaway. I’ve had curly hair all my life. But it wasn’t till this year in June that discovered the curly girl method. Through your channel and a few other curly girls I have been working hard on getting my hair to its healthiest state. It’s been a tough journey but I truly am glad I joined the movement. I plan on testing out the LOC method and see if it works out.

  19. I went natural 6 months ago. It’s been really hard since I still haven’t found the product for my type of curls. This will be my fist time trying Deva curls if I win.
    I’m not sure yet how I would be rocking my curls. Most likely like I always do wash and go. Thanks for the Give away.

  20. Hola Rocio! Entiendo que I’ll be rocking my curls pq soy una madre desempleada de una nina que sl Igual que yo tiene el pelo rizado pero apenas estoy aprendiendo a cuidarnos el pajon. Y por encima de lo que aun piensan muchas personas alrededor, el cabello natural es parte de quien somos y no podemos or contra eso. Gracias a Dios existen productos Como @devacurl que nos ayuda a mantener nuestra esencia saludable, con brillo y nos ayuda a vernos mucho Mejor.

    Gracias por la oportunidad! Mi ig @mencivillar

  21. Thanks for the Give away. If I one this would be my first time using Deva Curls.
    I have no plans yet has to how I will rock my curls. Most likely wash ang go. It’s been 6 month now that I went natural and it’s been really hard since I’m still in the search of good products for my type of hair..

  22. My holiday hair style will be…. Free flowing and hopefully voluminous curls.

    I just wanted to let you know that you’ve taught me so many tips and tricks for styling my naturally curly hair. I can’t wait to see what other new techniques I can add to my styling routine <3

    ::fingers crossed:: I hope I win 😀

  23. I would love to win the blow dryer with attachment the most. I tried the other products because of you and I was already a fan of the products. I plan on not flat ironing at all in the future. I love curly hair and straightening it isn’t worth it to me anymore. My hair does fall flat so I need to work on diffusing daily. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  24. This would be a dream to win! I want to rock my curls big this season! I’m hoping to learn how to get more volume with my curls. My new motto for my hair is –THE BIGGER, THE BETTER! Thank you so much for this opportunity, this is the best giveaway! Thanks for your awesome curl and beauty tips, I watch your videos and learn so much from them 🙂

  25. I’m going to be having wash and gos all year, haha. And hopefully having my curls down and on my neck will keep me warm from the chilly air. Thanks for hosting this giveaway !!

  26. I have been struggling with my hair. I’ve always felt ashamed to wear my hair naturally because of all the frizz and it was very umanagable. I’m trying to wear my hair natural but don’t know what products to use. I also like to recover my hair from heat damage style. I would like to show everyone that curly hair can be just as beautiful as straight hair. Thanks for the great videos that you’ve been making and also for the giveaway??

  27. Hi Rosio, I just have a few months with my hair being curly,because of you I have learned a few new things. I am so grateful for this. My hair needs help on the frizzy part. In the summer it did not look that bad,but now for the fall and winter I don’t know how it will look. I heard good things about the Diva products. Thanks for everything!

  28. This winter I am trying to be diligent on deep conditioning. I am trying home items like honey, olive oil, yogurt etc added to my favorite conditioner. I plan on rocking curly buns in between wash days.

  29. How will I be rocking my curls this winter? Hopefully bouncy it’s been 3 months since I started this curly journey thanks to you and if Florida weather decided to play nice they will be soft, bouncy, curls. I would love to win the diffuser so I can not only help myself but my little cousin as well who I got to transition with me. Thank you!

  30. I can’t wait to rock my curls this winter on my annual family vacation to California! Usually when I would travel I straighten my hair but this year I decided to never straighten my hair again! I would love this kit bc the weather in California is really dry and damaging to my hair, especially in the winter 🙁 can’t wait to rock my curlies!! Hope I win.

  31. I am starting to focus on my curly hair care, its my new years resolution and will definately be taking care of it this winter. Lots of defreeze products and moisturizing so that i can rock great healthy curls!!!

  32. I’ll be rocking most days wash and Go. Bc here in Southern Cali we don’t have winter. Lol… I’m also going to try some of the updos u have on your channel for holiday parties.

  33. In the summer I rock nothing but wash n go hairstyles, however since this will be my first winter since I decided to rock my natural curls I plan on taking your advice on how to winterize my curls… 🙂 Which will include the L.O.C. method and protective hairstyles like curly up-dos and buns.

  34. I usually do wash and go’s but since it’s only been 5 months of me transitioning, I’m still not fully happy with my hair. So occasionally I try to spice up my look.

  35. I love to twist outs/coil outs. I have the best intentions of doing my hair but I usually rock the bun. I have 2 curly cutie daughters whose locks get more attention than mine!

  36. Hey Rocio! I will be rocking my curls in all kinds of ways this winter. I love wearing it down by finger coiling and then doing twist outs the next day. I get the perfect definition and curls on by the third day, so great! Since I’m a student teacher, I will also get all the hair out of the way by wearing high buns. The kids enjoy my different hairstyles, keeps them on their toes! Thanks for doing this by the way. God bless!

  37. Its so cold in jersey ill be rocking my curls lose and wild for the holidays! My curls are gods free ear muffs! If its an extra special event ill but a brooch in it and embrace the beauty.

  38. I Just tried this product and i actually like ive always uses shea Moisture for my Curls and coconut oil at night. I had heat damaged for like 2 years but i would never usted sulfute shampoos so it actually helped my process and i love it and it look always de next day after all the deep condition and i really do not put alot of this in my hair cause it brings it down.

    I looked for bloggers w. Their hair like mines and Rocío is the only one that ive seen and i take tips to add to my own and i love it! Hope the give away goes great my blessings from PR

  39. I’ll be rocking my curls moistirized! I’m approaching 6months sans heat and trying to retain length. My fine hair breaks and sheds so much so I’m trying to keeper protected and retain the needed moisture but still look cute! I plan rotate my go to wash n go and protective styles

  40. I love my hair when it’s out, but since my hair tends to get really dry over the winter, i’ll be in my favorite protective hairstyles with occasional wash and go’s. Winter can be a bit of a struggle for me. Frizz gets out of control and curls go flat pretty fast. yea talk about confused.

  41. I plan to rock my DevaCurl kit giveaway daily to help vive and give my curls life. As a graduation gift to myself, I have an appointment for my first DevaCut EVER! Living in South Florida, my hair is constantly in a frizz battle and nothing has been able maintain and keep my curls beautiful and under control besides the DevaCurl line. My transitioning phase has been very difficult but most definitely worth it. I have been able to embrace my natural hair regardless of what people may think. #thankyouDevaCurl !!!

  42. I just got my 1st Devacut & I am loving how it looks. My hair looks & feels great with the Deva products they used so I can’t wait to try the line, my curls are in need of moisture #Devalove

  43. Luckily I will spend Christmas in the Dominican Republic with my family and friends. Away from this very cold weather which my hair does not agree with. At this time I mosty do lots of protective styles but I will definitely be embarrassing my curls and allowing them to be free in the Dominican Republic. I will definitely continue to care for my hair and keep them protective styles at night time. It will be awesome if I was the lucky winner of this kit. Either way thanks for the opportunity and Merry Christmas!

  44. I will be rocking my curls with my new short hair this holiday season. I cut off about 15 inches a few weeks ago and my new style has made me fall in love all over again with my curls.

  45. This holiday season I want to try wand girls and I really want to try A flexi rod set definitely doing my research and watching YouTube tutorials I was going to pay someone to dot it but where’s the fun in that. I want to keep learning about styling natural hair :).

  46. Hi rocio!

    I will be rockin my hair in updos! My hair is not liking winter and my frizz is out lf control and not retaining any mositure? So updos will be my best friend! I love your curls and thank you for all your videos because they are full of information and good happy vibes! Happy holidays!

  47. Not being ashame of what you are, and not wanting to be other people (or race), is what DevaCurl is empowering us to do and feel.

    Hopping my holidays are full of love and activities, I wish Merry Christmas to all.

    God Bless us,

    Yaritza Cambero

  48. I’m a wash and go girl at heart, so this winter season I will be rocking the best wash and gos I’ve ever rocked because I now take better care of my curls and they are very healthy. I will try a few protective styles for those days when I don’t feel like manipulating my hair, but wash and gos it is.

  49. I’ll be rocking my curls in a wash-n-go or in a high ponytail! It’s always humid here in DC regardless of the season, so I always love rocking a few updos once in awhile in case I have any frizz! Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. I’ll be rocking my curls with a twist out this holiday season! My hair does get a bit frizzy, but I’ve learned to accept it and I rather it be huge and frizzy than healthy so I’m going to rock my natural hair proudly.

  51. Hi Rocio! I am going to rock my holiday curls with cute hair accessories and DevaCurl of course. I love the Supercream for extra moisture now that it’s cold and dry.

  52. Began my hair journey a year ago! Been using the same products for a while and I think a change is about to come in all aspects of my life. . . including my hair! Planning on experimenting with styles, products, and more! Getting out of my comfort zone is key!

  53. I don’t know if I should call this ‘rocking my curls’,but my hair would mainly be in flat twists or french braids or two strand twists and would be covered in a satin bonnet and a beautiful headwrap on top

  54. Since I have started my wavy/curly hair journey this past July, I’ve only been trying to rock wash n gos. However, this colder weather has my hair feeling dry, so I’m considering rocking some cute updos for the colder season . Good luck to all!!!! ????