Sonrisa Recap: June 2015

 [Tia Roro spending quality time with the kiddos.]

June has got to have been the fastest month I have ever experienced. I swear just last week it was May. I had been in and out of New Orleans so often in the last few weeks that I sort of lost track of time… and days. I am hoping that July slows down a bit and I am able to thoroughly enjoy my Summer without wondering where all of the time went! I spent a good chuck of time with family this month, particularly family from Baltimore. There will always be a soft spot for Baltimore, so don’t be surprised if I make a move soon!

risasrizos-cake-balls [Cake balls and quality time with family.]


risasrizos-daisies [The most beautiful daisies that I ever did see.]


risasrizos-maryland-crabs [Maryland Crabs with a heavy dose of Old Bay.]


risasrizos-im-happy-for-you [A little Summer reading courtesy of Jennifer Priest. Thanks Jenn!]


How did your June go? Let me know in a comment below!

Xoxo Un Besito,


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