Sonrisa Recap: February 2015

[Touring YouTube Space LA]
I was really looking forward to taking loads of photos this month for this series. There was so much going on – Mardi Gras, Valentine’s Day, Lent started, Warmer weather, Crawfish season, and attending my first bloggers conference! However, I didn’t really get to enjoy Mardi Gras or Valentines Day, (I didn’t go to a single parade, can you believe that nonsense?!) I’m so over the bi-polar weather. On top of dealing with an infected cheek after biting off more than I could chew, literally, I have been dealing with a horrible cold for the past 3 weeks. Horrible I tell you! Borderline flu! So I didn’t really take too many photos this month. Shame on you, Rocio… I know. I can tell you that I am currently in Los Angeles at the We All Grow Summit having a phenomenal time learning, and growing. So forgive me if most of this month’s recap is from the summit!

[Staying at the beautiful Line Hotel]

[Fun Welcoming Cocktail Party thanks to Vive Mejor]

[Got to meet the stunning Sun Kiss Alba who gave great advice on how to grow my YouTube channel]

[Learning from empowering Latina-preneurs at We All Grow Summit]

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    1. This comment went to spam too! I need to figure out whats going on eith my site. But yes I had an amazing time! I am actually a part of Latina Bloggers Connect and as soon as I heard they were putting together a conference I immediately signed up! Theres a link on my side bar that takes you yo LBC, check it out for more information!