#LoveYourCurls2015 Photo Challenge

We are a part of a Curly Community, a Swirly Society, a group of women and men who were specially chosen to live with waves, coils or kinks (sometimes all of the above depending on your transition stage). Only we can understand the struggle of a complex wash day or ponder on the mystery of how a bobby pin was found in your mane on Friday when it was lost in there on Sunday — I hate when that happens! In a world filled with flatirons and stick straight strands, we stand out. No matter where you are in your Curly Hair Journey, whether you are just now saying no to heat and your hair is in a confused state or you have reached your hair’s curliest potential, embrace it. Appreciate your journey because it makes you different and different is good. Different is beautiful.

For the next 30 days, this photo challenge will take you on a journey of self love and an extra special love for your curls. This challenge will help you appreciate your curls more and more each day, allowing you to fall in love with your curls all over again. Everyday leading up to Valentine’s Day, take a photo and post it on your Instagram, FB or Twitter profiles with the hashtag #LoveYourCurls2015. Each day is a different challenge. Some will be fairly easy as they pertain to things you might already be doing. Other things will help bring you out of your shell. The point is to show that you aren’t alone in your curly hair journey. Chances are someone out there has a very similar curl type and understands your struggle. Hey! They might even be able to offer a tip or two! Check in every day! While this isn’t a contest and you won’t be winning a contest prize from RisasRizos, you will hopefully gain confidence in embracing your curls. Confidence is a great prize to own!

Because we live in a world where selfies have become nearly inevitable, you might already have some photos stored in your phone that fall under one of these categories! Good, use them! No curly photo left behind! I also encourage you to take a few minutes each day to leave some love on other profiles who are participating in this photo challenge. Want more information on the #LoveYourCurls2015 Photo Challenge? Click here to take you to my video or watch below!

So get your cameras ready! This Valentine’s Day, accept your curls, embrace your curls and most importantly, love your curls!

Day one starts today! Show me what your hair looks like with no products. Show me your hair in its natural state– no leave ins, no hair tie, NADA! Can’t wait to see your challenge photos!

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1 Comment

  1. Hi Rocio !

    I wanted to just let you know how much I absolutely love your youtube videos !! I have recently become a subscriber to your youtube channel, and love all of the positive and educational videos you are always posting !!

    I am a mixed girl (half Italian / Puerto Rican) living the life in Orlando- and recently noticed how damaged my hair has become. Even though I have no heat damage, my hair has not been very well cared for – the use of chemical products, and normal wear and tear in this Florida heat has finally worn my hair out !!

    You and I have a similar curl pattern, and I have to say how much I love your hair style ! Currently my hair is rather long, which seems to weigh my curls down (so not a fan) – I also very recently started using the Deva Curl product line – and have made an appointment to get my very first Deva Cut !

    Thanks Again for all of the positive vibes !