Dove’s New Curl Campaign Hits Home

This statistic comes from the recent heart warming Dove Hair #LoveYourCurls campaign video. If you haven’t seen it yet, I left the video below for your viewing pleasure. I promise it will be the best 2 minutes and 45 seconds of your hair’s life (next to an indulging scalp massage, of course!)

After discovering that “only 4 out of 10 curly haired girls think their hair is beautiful”, Dove sought out to change that. With over 3 million views in just a few days, this campaign has been catching the attention of both confident and closeted curly heads alike! Although I am not convinced to try out their new product aimed at curly hair (they still contain sulfates),  I admire Dove’s efforts in getting women to love and embrace their naturally curly hair which will lead to younger girls and boys feeling the same about their own curly hair.

The video/commercial in itself hits close to home for lots of curly heads in this world, including myself. I believe each one of the facts mentioned in the campaign because I have lived through them. At a very young age, I was teased about my unruly hair. I had a brillo pad on my head and it did not go unnoticed. Hate is such a strong word but appropriate in describing how I felt about my hair. It was always poofy and my mom would blow dry it for special occasions which led me to believe that my hair was only pretty when it was straight. I was sensitive about my hair and I’ve been that way since one Spring afternoon in the 3rd grade during recess when my friends were getting their hair braided by a teacher on duty. I got in line, hoping the teacher would give me a braid so I can match hairstyles with my friends. When it was my turn, my teacher looked at my hair, then at me, then at my hair again and said, “I can’t even brush that bushy hair! I’m not braiding that!” I was 8 years old and now almost 20 years later, I still remember it like it was yesterday. These insecurities start when we are young and in most cases are carried into our adult ages. How can the next generation feel confident about their curls if we still have a problem accepting our own?

curly hair

I remember a few years ago, I was visiting family in Baltimore and my brother-in-law said to my neice, “See! Tia Rocio has curly hair, too!” Apparently she had begun to feel different since her hair didn’t look like that of her friends. There was another incident where my Uncle mentioned to my little cousin that I, too, have hair like hers and I like to wear it curly. It didn’t really hit me during either of the occasions how important it was for my neice and cousin to hear these comments. Not only does it show them that they aren’t alone as curly gals in a world where straight hair is often preferred but it also tells them that they have someone to turn to when it comes to questions about the care of their hair. I applaud Dove Hair in their efforts to encourage those with curly hair to embrace and love their curls. It serves as a gentle reminder that our young girls are watching and listening. They mimic what they see and hear and if we don’t learn to accept ourselves for who we are and what has been given to us, they will have a hard time doing so themselves.

While I applaud them on such a beautiful video, I can’t forget that Dove is still a brand and trying to grasp our attention one way or another in hopes of selling their products. Read those labels and pay attention to their marketing! This campaign was created after research Dove collected and Dove sought out to fix the problem (young girls feeling insecure about their hair) with a solution (their products). Can’t fool me!

Seriously though,  the whole idea behind this video is CURL POWER and the importance of loving your curls. Want to have a little fun with this positive message? Join my #LoveYourCurls2015 Photo Challenge that just started and show the world how much you love your curls!

Xoxo Un Besito,


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