DevaCurl Product Line Review

Last week I uploaded my very first Product Line Review. I was a bit nervous uploading it because I didn’t believe it was my best video and I strive to put up better quality with each upload. It had been a rough weekend plus I had to buy a new memory card because my old one was giving me problems. I basically had to refilm, edit and upload in one night. Extremely exhausting for that particular night, I must say. It was a bit rough- honest, but rough. The point I’m making is that I have so much more to say about these products that I left out in my video and thought I’d share that here.

Thanks to my overly generous cousin, I received a boatload of DevaCurl products for my birthday! I was ecstatic because one, I really do love this line when it comes to washing my curls. Two, I had been in denial about having run out of my No-Poo which resulted in mixing what was left of the bottle with a bit of water and standing the bottle upside down in the shower until the next use. And three, this line was out of my budget at the moment and well, out of the budget in almost ALL moments. In my personal opinion (as with the rest of this post, but here we’re about to get serious), the prices are a bit ridiculous and not really fair to those who are beginning their transition or just discovering their curly hair. No one in their right mind should feel obligated to spend 20+ dollars on a product that they have just discovered that might or might not work on their hair. That’s just nuts. Then again, I was NOT in my right mind and was pretty desperate. That being said, some of their products really did revolutionize the way curly girls wash their hair. Some of their products, like the No-Poo, can really aid in your transitioning stages because of the amount of protein it includes and naturally, the more protein used the more moisture is needed  and that’s where One Condition comes into play. The next thing you know you’re broke, homeless and standing on the corner with a “Will Work for DevaCurl” sign but hey! At least your curls will look great! (That’s an obvious exaggeration, but still!) The point I am trying to make is yes, this line has helped tremendously when I was taking the measures to better the health of my hair but now that I have my curls back, I don’t necessarily want to shell out 40 bucks on products when new natural hair care companies seem to be emerging every month with competitive prices and fabulous results. So for now, I will remain forever grateful to have a cousin who works in an industry in which discounts on this line are provided. I will be covering quite a few products, so grab some popcorn, get comfortable and let’s get right to it!

no poo


The No-Poo! Yes, it is probably my favorite conditioning cleanser. Since I began using No-Poo several years ago, I understood why it was so popular and highly recommended for transitioners. It does not strip my hair giving it a “squeaky clean” feeling. That took a little getting used to. It did, however, leave my scalp feeling invigoratingly clean. This product is 100% sulfate free and contains no lather, not a single sud but because of its conditioning properties it leaves my hair feeling moisturized. It smells clean and always reminds me of a beauty salon within a spa within a dentist’s office. Bizzare, I understand but clean scent nonetheless. In fact all of the products in this line have a slight variation of that scent.

One Condition

This ultra creamy conditioner isn’t as creamy in texture but definitely thicker than No-Poo. It also smells nothing like a dentist’s office at all- just beauty salon and spa. I love the scent. Deva Curl One Condition doesn’t contain silicones so instead of sitting on the hair shaft, it is penetrated and leaves my curls hydrated. This conditioner is so damn good that it can be used every day. It is also light enough to be used as a leave-in condish! I have even co-washed with this when I am out of the no-poo. It really is a great product overall and I do highly recommend it! But once again, if you aren’t willing to pay for the One Condition, here is where my next suggestion comes into play.

Low Poo

I have experimented with other conditioners and although I am pleased with results, it gets a bit difficult to wash it completely out of my hair and product buildup becomes an issue. In cases like these, I like Deva Curl Low-Poo in place of No-Poo if I am not using the One Condition. It is a mild lathering cleanser and in my opinion a mild clarifier. I do, however feel that overwashing my hair with low-poo makes my hair feel dry. Not what I’m looking for when I’m washing my curls. It has more of a soapy scent to it. As I have mentioned before, if you are new to co-washing and just can’t live without the sud, this might be a better option for you. Just don’t go expecting lots of foam, otherwise you will be disappointed!

defining gel

Now onto styling… As I mentioned in my video, I am not crazy about their Light Defining Gel and at one point in my curl journey I hated it. It seemed as though up until a few months ago, my curls just weren’t cooperating when it came to using this product. It always turned out frizzy or dry. Not much hold at all, less than light defining and applying it felt stripping. No slip whatsoever in applying. I tried. I went through a whole bottle trying different styling techniques before giving up. I began to use it again when I got it for my birthday. This time, I applied a bit of my favorite leave in conditioner (Kinky Curly Knot Today) before applying the gel. It was a much smoother application, not drying at all and I did get a bit more definition. For it being a gel though, I still wasn’t impressed. I got more definition out of Shea Moisture’s Frizz Free Curl Mousse, more definition and more hold from a light weight mousse. I don’t necessarily hate it anymore, but this gel just isn’t my favorite.

shine spray

I used the DevaCurl Shine Spray in my Get Ready With Me video. The look I was going for was a less perfect curl, gently teasing, looser pattern and frizz was welcome. While trying to achieve this look, my hair lost some shine and was looking rather dull so I immediately grabbed the shine spray because, well, it claims to add shine! There are pros and cons. It definitely adds shine but a little goes a long way. If you are heavy handed with this spray you could easily come out looking like an extra in the next Soul Glo commercial. It’s greasy to the touch which I didn’t really like at all. This shine spray is also said to combat frizz but it hasn’t done anything for me in that department. I’ve also used this spray for other styles like updos. I’m pleased with the shine but it’s important to note this is not a hairspray and will not hold down flyaways nor tame edges. It’s simply a shine spray. It has a slight no-poo smell but is overpowered by some type of chemical scent. You know, that kind that gives you a tickle in your throat. So if you use this and you’ve got a sensitive nose, make sure you have the vent on or a window open.

quick cleanser

I like the Quick Cleanser but I don’t think it’ll be the talk of the town or that it will get as much hype as the known No-Poo. This is just a dry shampoo. Here’s the catch. This quick shampoo is actually moisturizing. When my hair gets dirty, it begins to get oily around the scalp so applying this Quick Poo on 3rd or 4th day hair isn’t ideal. I tend to use it when experimenting with other styling products that might not be moisturizing enough. Otherwise, I have no real need for this. Sorry yal! I just don’t feel it’s worth spending 9 dollars on dry shampoo! At least not for my curls.


heaven in hair

Saved the best for last, the DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Intensive Moisture Treatment! I am convinced I have found my new favorite deep conditioner. I have a problem area in the back of my head that never seems to feel hydrated enough no matter how much I deep condition. Ever since I have been using Heaven In Hair, that problem has been solved a little at a time with each used. It has a very thin pastey texture that expands when rubbed together and feels ultra smooth when applying. With other deep conditioners, I feel as though I have to thoroughly coat my hair with a thick protective shield of whatever deep conditioner I am using that day. With Heaven In Hair, one scoop seems to get the job done. Surprisingly, the 8oz container has lasted me 2.5 months and I have used it every week since November! That’s 8 washes! Not bad at all for such a small container. I really love how hydrated it leaves my curls. With other deep conditioners, after washing I’ll put my hair up in a T-shirt and after 5 minutes my hair is already dry and frizzy in my problem area! Not with Heaven In Hair! NOPE! My curls also feel soft to the touch. THIS is the one DevaCurl product I do not mind splurging full price on and I highly recommend it!

So there you have it- a much more thorough review on these products. Have you tried any of these? Let me know what you think! Any DevaCurl product I didn’t cover that you recommend? The product junkie in me is dying to find out!


DevaCurl can be found at your local Sephora, Ulta and select Target stores. The DevaCurl website also sells their products online and can also help you find a retailer near you to avoid shipping costs!

Xoxo Un Besito,


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