Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

My name is HOV! (I’ve always wanted to say that). And now I am totally embarrassed that I said that. Moving along, I am a sucker for resolutions. There’s something refreshing about beginning a new project at the start of the New Year. Many people create resolutions around personal wishes or desires. “I wish I could lose 10 pounds” “I wish I could connect more to my faith” “I wish I could find a new job”. Naturally, one will do what they feel they can to push themselves to attain these wishes. Others create resolutions around budgets and saving money or rather spending money that was saved last year. Maybe you’re saving up to by your dream home, or a new car. Perhaps you’ve been flat broke in 2014 and now you’re making changes to your lifestyle so that you have money to afford more than just ramen noodles. For others, bucket lists are formed and goals are sought to be met. At the end of the day, we all wind up striving to be a better person than we were last year. My Resolutions for 2015? I’ve got plenty, probably too many to focus on in order to really follow through with all of them. One in particular stands out the most. To do what I can in order to grow RisasRizos into a bigger brand. Yes, a brand, because that’s essentially what everyone on YouTube is doing whether they vocalize it or not. We are all creating a brand. What we do with that brand is a different story and I believe that story continues here. While YouTube videos will continue to go up on my channel, there is still so much more I want to share. I have come up with loads of ideas in the last few months that I feel can aid the Curly Community. I feel really passionately about helping and educating others on what I have learned so far about naturally curly hair. As they say, when you feel passionately about something, pursue it and see it through. So that’s exactly what I am going to do. Resolutions are tough to stick to but I am hoping that with your support and continued encouragement, I can really bring this blog to life! Just go easy on me the first few days, I’m a rookie! For a video on a full list of my New Years Resolutions, click here! Happy reading!

Xoxo Un Besito,


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  1. AWESOME!!! You finally made a Blog! Congrats! I love your channel, so I hope this Blog will be just as good, maybe even better!!!